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A book by Linda Ndungane. It is a faith-based book aspiring to teach children about prayer. The book itself is a representation of how our children learn from what parents do and not just what parents say. The story incorporates a sense of inclusion, ‘Ubuntu’ and a touch of connectivity brought about by encouraging playtime and learning amongst children.

The story is centred on a conversation between three pre-primary school girls who are neighbours. The girls enjoy playtime because of a hole in the wall big enough for them to cross over and play in the backyard of one of the girl’s homes. These little girls are familiar with each other because their parents have allowed them to take time and play together. This opportunity finds them sharing about how the one has been taught to pray by her mother. In turn, this has led them to teach each other how to pray. The book ends with a portion for the young readers to write their own prayer. 


For parents it is a book that can assist them to teach their children about praying, speaking to them about the things the children are grateful for and what they long for the most. A conversation starter and a way to help children journal their thoughts as they develop

We Pray Together, We Play Together by Linda Ndungane



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