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There couldn’t be any better time than today to celebrate the heritage of natural hair, as well as to encourage young girls to embrace their hair. Having lived a courageous and sometimes a difficult journey in relation to natural hair, Zulaikha Patel has written this children’s book to empower and encourage girls from an early age to embrace and not to be ashamed of their natural hair. She aims to spark a global conversation about natural hair amongst parents/guardians and children, which will further create a culture of self-love, self-care and confidence. Lisakhanya, the main character of the book, is a 7 year old girl who draws courage from her mother, grandmother and the African queen, to style her hair in different hairstyles that girls from around the world can also relate to. The hairstyles include braids, bantu knots, twists, a tied up phondo and many more. Inspired by Mama, Gogo, and the African queen, Lisakhanya is proud of her natural hair that grows up towards the sun like a summer sunflower. She calls it her COILY, CROWNY HAIR. Just like Lisakhanya, you too can love and be proud of your beautiful hair. You can TIE IT UP, TWIST IT RIGHT, BRAID IT DOWN, AND WEAR IT LIKE A CROWN.

My Coily Crowny Hair



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