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A fun and exciting trip into Africa. Discover lands, legends and wonders from caves to the present. Africa never stops to inspire. Professor and historian Nomalanga Mkhize is the author of the children's history book In Africa with Avi and Kumbi. Published under her pen name `Khize wamaZambezi', it tells the story of Africa from ancient times to independence. The book covers important themes such as Rock Art, the rise of Ancient Civilization's and Ancient Trade, African Philosophy, Slavery, Colonialism and Struggles for Independence. The book came about as a result of the difficulty to find reading material on African History, written by Africans, for children. The book now fills a gap in the void where there is not sufficient material that reflects positive things around black children in Africa. The themes in the book have been brilliantly put together by the Author and her Art Illustrator, Sani Singaphi, and Designer Bulelani Booi and present foundational knowledge for both children and adults. It manages to capture millions of years of history and information around the development of life around the continent within its beautifully colour illustrated 40 pages

In Africa with Avi and Kumbi